Drey Ricks | Basketball IQ Is Crucial

Drey Ricks recognizes why developing a basketball IQ is a must in young athletes. Basketball IQ refers to the basketball player’s ability to make a good decision on the basketball court.

Drey Ricks | Recognizes The Importance of Being a Student of The Game

Drey Ricks stresses the importance of developing basketball IQ from an early age, no matter how long an athlete intends to play the game.

Drey Ricks | How Body Language Determines Performance

Drey Ricks identifies body language as a vital factor in athletics. Body language doesn’t talk, it screams

Drey Ricks | The Importance of Pre- Game Warm-ups

Pre-game warm-ups should not be taken for granted. Drey Ricks believes this is a determining factor whether you will have a good performance or not.

Drey Ricks | How Laughing Eases Pressure Before a Game

Drey Ricks believes that laughing before a game decreases sports performance anxiety, also called sports anxiety or competitive anxiety, which is incredibly common; approximately 30-60% of athletes experience it.

Drey Ricks | New Techniques for Athletes to Perform Well

Drey Ricks developed specific tools, mantras, and movements that has helped players stay calm under intense situations. 

Drey Ricks | Motivating Players to Unlock Their Extra Gear

Drey Ricks is motivating players to unlock their extra gear by providing athletes with strategic tools to help them under pressure. 

Drey Ricks | Players Unlocking the Power to Perform at Their Best 

Drey Ricks, “Unlocking the power to an incredible game performance starts within, not the day of the game but leading up to tip-off is extremely important to the state of mind.

Drey Ricks | Preparation for Game Day Performance

Drey Ricks, “High-level athletes are consistently using mindset techniques, relaxation, and imaging to optimize their performance before games.”

Drey Ricks | Talks Pre-Game Preparation

Drey Ricks knows players who are self-motivated take part in basketball for the pure enjoyment of it.

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