What are The Biggest Poker Tournament Wins of All Time?

Imagine going to a casino to play your favourite card game and winning millions! While for some winning big at a poker game only happens in their dreams, but for these following experts, it is very much a reality, https://www.goldrushslots.co.uk/all-games one of the UK’s leading online casinos has compiled a list of the biggest wins of to date.

Martin Jacobson

The winner of 2014 WSOP main event (45th edition) is the Swedish hotshot Martin Jacobson. On 5th July the tournament began and ended on 14th July. The total prize pool was of $62.8 million, and out of 6683 eminent players, it was Jacobson who won big. Besides the extravagant, and of course very expensive bracelet, he won $10 million (top prize). Between qualifying and the final, viewers witnessed the outstanding November Nine being played out many times flawlessly by Martin.

Hossein Ensan

The popularity of WSOP main event made everyone who loves poker glued to the TV set in 2019, all thanks to Hossein Ensan. In fact, the 2019 edition became the 2nd largest main event. The prize pool was around $81 million and the total number of players was 8,569. The 55-year-old, besides winning the famous gold bracelet, took home a whopping $10 million. His win became the talk-of-the-town because this happens to be his first entry (main event). In fact, in 20 years Hossein happens to be the oldest winner (main event) as well. The marathon level match itself was a treat. He took on the pro, Dario Sammartino by bringing a big chip lead in the finals. Ensan is considered a favourite to win this year as well.

Justin Bonomo

In 2018, Justin Bonomo won the Big One for One Drop and entered the history books. The match was something else; he took on the German pro Fedor Holz to win around $10 million along with the bracelet which was his second one in the series. Because of this recent win, he was able to capture the top position in “All-Time Money” list as well by knocking off Daniel Negreanu. Believe it or not; in live earnings, he now boasts about $43 million (approx.). We love to play Kaiser Slots!

Jamie Gold

Poker was enjoying its limelight in the year 2006, and during this time Jamie Gold came into the scene to hold the title of “one of the biggest wins in the history”. However, it was his unique “speech play” and unorthodox strategy that made him a favourite of many newbies and pros. The total number of players was 8773 and the total pool was an impressive $82 million (approx.). The final table of nine started on 8th August and 2 days later he became the champion and to win around $12 million.

Antonio Esfandiari

The legend, Antonio Esfandiari’s win in the WSOP Big One for One Drop of 2012 was truly inspiring to watch. With $1 million Buy-in (which was unheard of), he was able to win $18.3 million. His win is considered as the highest single poker tournament pay-out of all-time as well. With 48 players, the total prize pool crossed $43 million. The former magician did show his magic in this tournament to become one of the most successful poker players of all-time. Esfandiari definitely happens to be the favourite of most armatures or newbies who just discovered their love for different casino card games.

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