Cricket is One of the Most Opular & Oldest Sport

Today Cricket is one of the most popular & oldest sport, the history of cricket starts in the late 16th century. It became England’s national sport in the 18th century and has advanced throughout the world in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Cricket is played on a field with a bat and ball and involves two teams of eleven players each. The cricket field is usually circular with a rectangular area in the centre known as pitch, two sets of three wooden sticks topped by two bails are placed at each end on the pitch. The pitch is a flat surface with 22 yards (20m) by feet and 3 meters (9.8 ft) wide.

The edge of the playing area is known as a boundary, which may be a rope, fence, painted line, part of stands or a combination of these.

Each team has to bat and bowl in their turn and each turn is known as innings. Depending on the prearranged duration of the match, teams have to play one or two innings each to score the most runs. The bowlers try to hit the wicket with the ball by delivering the ball with a straight arm. The batting side scores run by striking the ball with the bat, on the other side the bowling and fielding side tries to prevent the score and dismiss each player.

On the batting side, two batsmen up at a time and the striker batsman tries to hit the ball away from the wicket. A hit may be offensive or defensive depends upon the situation of the match. There is always a chance to lose a wicket while offensive hit. A defensive hit may protect the wicket on the crease but leave a batman with no run on the board. No runs on the board create high pressure on the striker batsman, that’s why bowler can get wicket by bowling good length.

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If a ball hit goes to the fielder’s hands and batmen have enough time to reach the opposite wicket, then one or two-runs is scored on the board. But If the ball hits the ground and then reaches straight to the boundary, four points on the board and if it reaches the boundary from the air, six points are counts against the bowling side. The team with the highest number of runs against another team wins a match.

There are various formats of cricket ranging from Test matches to Twenty20 and 50 overs games. Test matches are played over five days having two innings for each team and with unlimited overs. Traditionally cricketer plays in all-white kits, but in limited-overs cricket, the teams wear colour kit. The twenty20 format is one of the more popular formats of today’s cricket game.

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