A Brief History go Field Hokey

Field hockey, also known as hockey, played by two opposing teams of having 10 players and a goalkeeper each. Players commonly use sticks made out of wood, or a combination of fibreglass and carbon fibre in different quantities, curved at the striking end to hit a small round hard ball into their opponent’s goal post. The length of the hockey stick depends on the height of the individual player.

The hockey sticks have a round side and a flat side, but only the flat side of the hockey stick is allowed to be used while playing if the round side is used it results in a foul. The goalkeepers use specific different kinds of sticks, have another curve (give them more space) at the end of the hockey stick to save the ball. The field hockey kit consists of shorts or a skirt, shin guard, shoes, jersey, and mouthguard.


Hockey is believed to date from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Persia, But in the late 19th century, British Isles developed the modern game of field hockey. In 1901, Constance M.K. Applebee, an English woman brought field hockey to the United States. The modern hockey game was started in England in the late 19th century and the first men’s field hockey club, at Blackheath in southeastern London and Hockey club was formed in 1861. Teddington club introduced several major variations in the modern field hockey game, like lifting sticks above the shoulder and the ban of using hands, replacement of the rubber cube and adopting a striking circle.

The British army played a vital role in spreading the hockey game, especially in India and the far East. The first International competition began in 1895 and field hockey had become India’s national game in 1928. The same year in the Olympic Games the Indian Teman won the gold medal without conceding a goal in five matches and it was the start of India’s domination of the sport. The first field hockey World Cup was introduced in 1971 and indoor hockey, played by six players with six interchanging substitutes, has become popular in Europe.

Today, hockey is more popular and played throughout the world, mainly in parts of South Asia, Australia,  New Zealand, Western Europe, Argentina, and the United States.

The word “hockey” is more common in many territories but in Canada and the United States where ice hockey is more popular, the term “field hockey” is used primarily.

Federation Internationale de Hockey (FIH)

International Hockey Federation (FIH) is the governing body of field hockey, which is also called the Federation Internationale de hockey in French, The FIH is responsible for developing and organizing the rules for the game.

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